Academic Awards

The Crombie Allen Award 最佳创作作品:散文、短篇小说、诗歌或戏剧. It was established in 1929 by Mr. Crombie Allen, a former editor of the Ontario Daily Report.
The Annual Alumnae Award Given by the Alumnae Association to one or more seniors “in recognition of outstanding contributions to the life of the College.”
The Alumnae Athletic Award 这是为了纪念莫丽·克莱德·威尔逊,32岁,bet360官网下载杰出的网球运动员. 该奖项每年颁发给在校际体育比赛中表现出色的学生.
The Ament Scholars Award 由1931年至1947年的毕业生为纪念威廉·谢菲尔德·阿门而建立, 他是英语教授,也是bet360官网下载学院最初的教员之一. 该奖项每年颁发给在人文学科表现出色的大三学生. 该奖学金不是现金奖励,而是计入学生的学费.
The Anthropology Senior Thesis Award 承认人类学的毕业论文最好地涉及了人种学过程的各个方面, from conception to fieldwork to analysis and final written presentation.
The Asian American Studies Senior Thesis Award 表彰在亚裔美国人研究领域的杰出工作.
The Noëlle and Veronique Boucquey Outstanding Scholar-Athlete Award Established in 2006 by Thierry Boucquey, professor of French at the College, in honor of his daughters. The scholarship annually recognizes a senior student athlete who has distinguished herself during her four years of athletic eligibility by an outstanding performance or other extraordinary achievement or distinction in one of CMS’ competitive sports, while concurrently earning a minimum cumulative GPA of A- (11.00 or 3.66). The student is selected by the Joint Athletics (CMS) coaching staff.
The Dart/Merritt Award Established in the spring of 1983 by Claremont McKenna, Pitzer, and Scripps Colleges, the three colleges that sponsor the W.M. Keck Science Department in recognition of the service of Professor Emeritus Jack Merritt and the late Professor Emeritus Leonard Dart to the W.M. Keck Science Department. 现金奖每年颁发给工程或物理专业的优秀大三或大四学生.
The English Honors Thesis Award 授予最符合重要标准的高级英语荣誉论文, well-sustained, and cogently developed argument; of thoughtful, discriminating use of secondary sources; of thoroughness of research; and of excellence in writing. The student is selected by the English faculty.
The English Senior Thesis Award 颁发给英语论文最符合重要考试标准的高年级学生, well-sustained, and cogently developed argument; of thoughtful, discriminating use of secondary sources; of thoroughness of research; and of excellence in writing. The student is selected by the English faculty.
The Esterly Awards 成立于1949年,是为了纪念弗吉尼亚·朱迪·埃斯特莉,由学生赠送礼物, colleagues, and friends of Mrs. Esterly and of the College. The awards are granted to students who present worthwhile educational projects to be conducted during the summer for which they do not have readily available funds.
The Margaret Siler Faust Psychology Senior Thesis Award Named in honor of Margaret Siler Faust, professor emerita of psychology who retired from Scripps College after more than 30 years of teaching and research in psychological science, and given to the senior whose thesis best exemplifies the use of careful, 解决有关人类行为和经验的重要心理问题的实证研究.
The Fine Arts Foundation Award for Senior Projects 每年由bet360官网下载学院的美术基金会颁发优秀的高级工作室艺术项目. The project, required of all senior studio art majors, 一件大型艺术作品或一组作品是否由学生选择. 每学年春季,这些作品将在露丝·钱德勒·威廉姆森画廊展出.
The Ruth George Poetry Prize A cash award for an outstanding poem or group of poems. This award was established in 1951 in recognition of Professor George’s devoted and inspired teaching of writing and the appreciation of poetry. 该奖项只颁发给有特殊价值的工作,不一定每年颁发.
The Martha Wehmeier Hammer ’66 Scholarship Established in 1996 to honor Ms. Hammer upon the completion of her term of office as president of the Board of Trustees and in recognition of her service to Scripps College. The award is given to an outstanding sophomore at the end of the third semester of the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities. The recipient receives the scholarship for her junior year.
The Frederick Hard Award Named in honor of the late distinguished Shakespearean scholar who served as president of the College from 1944 through 1964. The award is presented to a student at Scripps College for outstanding contributions to our knowledge and appreciation of the Elizabethan Age.
The Hispanic Studies Senior Thesis Award 由西班牙裔研究学院颁发西班牙裔研究及其相关学科的最佳高级论文.
The History Senior Thesis Award 由历史系颁发历史及相关学科的最佳毕业论文.
The Mary W. Johnson and J. Stanley Johnson Student Research Awards Established in 1995. The awards support student summer research projects; students work under the guidance of Scripps faculty members and present their results to the college community at programs of the Humanities Institute.
The Sara Ladwig Prize in Italian Studies 这是为了纪念萨拉·拉德维格而设立的. San Antonio College. 它被授予bet360官网下载意大利语或意大利语研究专业的大三学生. It may also be awarded to an outstanding sophomore, and on certain occasions, it could be awarded to a senior for an outstanding thesis. The prize is intended for students to travel to Italy during the summer, or a year/semester abroad program, during which time she will research a project/investigate an issue or topic that will form the basis of her senior thesis.
林德家庭数学奖授予玛丽·巴伦和路易斯·巴伦教授 Designated in loving memory by their nephew, Matthew M. Lind, parent of Katy Lind ’06. The prize is awarded to an outstanding senior who is a math major. In addition, 还有一项学费抵销奖学金,颁发给在数学方面表现出特殊潜力的本科生.
The Lois Langland Psychology Award Named after Lois Langland, emerita professor of psychology, who retired from Scripps College after 20 years of teaching. The award is provided by matching funds from college friends and students and is given to student(s) in psychology who propose to carry out empirical research on attributes and functioning of women in their various capacities as individuals and as members of society. Any student majoring or minoring in psychology is eligible.
The Latin American Studies Senior Thesis Award 由拉丁美洲研究学院为拉丁美洲研究的最佳毕业论文.
The Barbara McClintock Science Award Named for America’s first woman Nobel Laureate, 该奖项成立于1991年,是为了纪念丹尼尔·格林伯格和苏珊·施泰因豪泽. 这个奖是颁给bet360官网下载学院大四学生的最佳毕业论文.
The Lucile Morrison Dance Award Established in 1947 by the late trustee Mrs. Lucile Morrison, this award is designed to provide students with an opportunity to broaden their horizons and to encourage their interest in dance as a vital educational experience. 它是给大二或大三的学生,使其能够在暑期学校与优秀的专业人员一起学习.
The Padelford French Award Established in memory of Louise Restieaux Hawkes Padelford, assistant professor of French from 1929 to 1931 and trustee emerita. 图书奖颁发给bet360官网下载学院一位杰出的大四学生,她在法语研究方面表现出色. The student is selected by the French faculty.
The Robert B. Palmer Classics Award Established in memory of the late Robert B. Palmer, trustee professor of classical studies at Scripps from 1949 to 1977, 这个奖项是颁发给那些在经典研究中表现出杰出的学术成就和前途的学生.
The Gladys Pattison Music Award 1973年由她的朋友为纪念李·帕蒂森的遗孀而创立, professor of music from 1941  to 1962. 它每年都颁发给音乐领域最值得的学生,目的是丰富她的音乐库.
The Marguerite Pearson Award in Drama Established in 1974 by Mrs. 为了纪念她的姐姐玛格丽特·皮尔森毕生对戏剧的兴趣. It is a cash award presented annually to a student or students who have demonstrated talent in one or more fields of dramatic art.
The Politics and International Relations Senior Thesis Award 颁发给bet360官网下载大学政治与国际关系专业的毕业生的最佳毕业论文.
The Rudolph Polk Memorial Award Established in 1957 by friends and colleagues of the late Rudolph Polk, this is available to a student in instrumental music (violin, viola, cello, or piano). The award is made, after an audition, on the basis of technical competence, musicianship, and general musical background. 来自克莱蒙特学院的学生都有资格获得现金奖励.
The Edith Potter German Award 纪念这位在bet360官网下载学院任教23年后于1990年退休的德语教授. 该奖项每年颁发给更多主修德语或德语研究的学生之一, whose superior performance, independent thinking, 他们对学习的投入不仅为学院做出了宝贵的贡献, 还能让他们在从bet360官网下载毕业后聪明地、创新地运用自己的专业.
Merle A. and Edith G. Potter Award Established in recognition of Edith Potter’s 23 years of dedicated service to Scripps College and her tireless efforts to carry on the legacy of her late husband to build bridges of understanding between Germans and Americans. In 1997, the President of the Federal Republic of Germany recognized Professor Potter for her many efforts by awarding her the Federal Order of Merit.
The Joan Robinson Prize in Economics Established in memory of this highly acclaimed female economist. 该奖项由经济学学院颁发给在毕业论文中取得优异成绩的学生, judged on analytical and creative merit.
The Marie McSpadden Sands Merit Awards in Writing Established in 1995 by the sons of this member of the Class of ’34. The awards recognize excellence in writing among first-year students.
The Slocum Awards are given each year to the seniors who have assembled the best personal libraries during their four years at Scripps College.
The Isabel Fothergill Smith Scholarship Named in honor of the first dean of the College, 认可有经济需要的bet360官网下载学院三年级或四年级学生的学业优秀, whose major field of interest is mathematics or the physical sciences and who also demonstrates a commitment to the humanities. The recipient should have at least a B+ average during the year prior to her selection as recipient of the scholarship award. Should no students fit these criteria, the scholarship may then be awarded to students majoring in economics, or as a last choice, biology.
The Sybil Smith Memorial Latin Prize A cash prize award normally given annually to an outstanding Scripps College senior classics major who is preparing for a professional career in the classics.
The Lucia Suffel Crafts Award Established in 1973 in memory of Lucia Suffel, a member of the Class of ’60, by her family and friends. 该奖项每年颁发给专门从事陶瓷和/或织物研究的学生. The selection is made by the art faculty.
The Sallie Suzanne Tiernan Memorial Award Established by trustee Victoria Seaver Dean, daughter of Sallie Suzanne Tiernan and president of the Seaver Institute, as an award for a student planning to attend law school.
The Martha Weheimer Hammer Scholarship 成立于1997年,以表彰Martha Wehmeier Hammer作为董事会主席的贡献, this award goes to an outstanding sophomore at the conclusion of the third semester of the Core Curriculum in Interdisciplinary Humanities. The recipient will receive the scholarship for her junior year at Scripps and will be asked to discuss her experience in the Core program to incoming students during orientation.
The Edward A. White Award in American Studies Established in 1976 and given annually to a senior who has done outstanding work in the study of the United States and its history, culture, or politics.
The Gabrielle Jungels-Winkler Scholarship Funded by the Jungels-Winkler Charitable Foundation in London to support a Scripps student who is admitted to the MA program in Art History at the Courtauld Institute of Art at the University of London, which is one of the best graduate programs in the world. The scholarship covers tuition fees and a living stipend.
Gender and Women’s Studies Award 认可一名主修女性研究的大四毕业生的成就. This is an interdisciplinary field in which consideration is given to questions related to women: the relationship between gender and society historically and cross-culturally, 男子和妇女的作用现在发生的变化的质量和意义, and women themselves.
The Kathleen Wicker Religious Studies Senior Thesis Award Established in 2003 by Professor Kathleen O’Brien Wicker and religious studies students to recognize the senior thesis that best deals critically and insightfully with a topic in the area of religion.
The Rosalyn S. Yalow Science Award Named for the 1977 Nobel Laureate, 是为了纪念丹尼尔·格林伯格和苏珊·施泰因豪泽而于1991年成立的. 该奖项颁给了bet360官网下载科学专业的毕业生GPA最高的学生.
The Writing Program Senior Thesis Award Given to a students in recognition of the eloquence and scholarly merit of a senior thesis by a self-designed writing major.